Nice to meet you. I’m James.

I’m a Customer Success advocate, Product Manager extraordinaire, Audio/Video editor, and Cinema geek. Based in the Bay Area.

I do many, many things.

Focused on clearly defining projects with a truly professional presentation layer, I believe modern technology is lacking the human thought and touch. Everything is at our fingertips except each other.

Customer Success

Customers and employees are lost in a sea of metrics. I focus on the customer’s endgame, with metrics as a guiding light.

Quality over quantity, forever.

Project Management

Over the course of my career, I’ve dialed in the right balance between managing project resources and timelines in order to meet customer expectations, all while¬†focusing on the executing team’s morale and productivity.

Audio/Video Editing

Anyone can slap a few videos together. I use a razor (and a little obsession) for precision quality output…every time.

Operations Support

Nothing is more satisfying than analyzing workflows, and finding ways to tighten the chains while not overburdening the team’s day-to-day.

This is where I excel.

A few of my skills

I have a deep-rooted history in Linux administration, though I’ve extended my passion to help develop human processes for effective operations. Looking for a self-taught Project Manager focused on best practices? You found me.

Team Building
Process Development
Product Management
Salesforce Administration
LINUX Administration
Agile Development Support

How I Work

I’m a collaborative leader who excels at working directly with customers. I’m here to make sure your product is well-represented and easy to learn, all while ensuring your customers know that their opinion matters.

I’m not a number, and your customers aren’t either.

Personal Life

Outside of my professional life, I have quite a few hobbies.

  • Exploring California with my wife
  • My french bulldog (Buttercup)
  • Screenwriting
  • Modular analog synthesizers
  • Record collecting
  • Studying the history of cinema

Let’s work together

I’m always happy and excited to discuss new projects. If you need help with managing a project, rolling out a Salesforce deployment, or want to freshen your Support and Training programs, let me know.